Brooklyn’s 3rd Birthday – Dinosaur Theme Party

I can’t believe how time flies and that Brooklyn is already 3 years old! She has been into dinosaurs for some time now so naturally we decided to make her 3rd birthday a dinosaur theme. Between work and running after two busy bodies, I scrolled my fingers numb through Pinterest looking for all the ideas I could find. I have always enjoyed DIY and doing everything myself – not only because it saves money, which is a huge plus, but also because I get to make it exactly how I envision it. Scroll through for some ideas and free printables to save you some time if you ever plan on throwing a dinosaur party.

The Invitation

I started with the invitation – I always send these electronically over WhatsApp or email since it is much more cost effective and I do my part in saving the environment… go green! I start off by designing it in PowerPoint and then saving it as an image which is much easier to view. Below is the invite I made – I included the editable PowerPoint version for you to download.

If the fonts display differently, you my need to download the following fonts: AR CENA, Edwardian Script & Segoe Script

Party Boxes

I then started planning the party packs – both for her party at home and for school. For her party at home I collected our empty formula containers and transformed these into party tins – another opportunity to recycle. I designed the covers on PowerPoint again, printed them in A4 and stuck them on. An A4 does not completely cover the tin so I first stuck down a green cardboard sheet on the back half and the label over it in the front. The editable printable labels are included below.

If the font on the file displays differently, download the AR Carter font

I filled them with Niknaks, Bakers Animal Biscuits, a Chomp, Gloop Putty and a few odds and ends like a slinky, glow in the dark dinosaurs, fire hydrant water gun, sour spray etc. Lastly I included a dinosaur picture to colour in (I actually forgot to add crayons to the tin). I included a link to the printable colouring in page below.

For the school I bought purple party boxes from the Party Spot and printed labels to stick on (printable link below). I filled these with NikNaks, Zoom juice, Smarties, the same colouring in page, dinosaur party blowers, a sucker and mini tubs of taste safe playdough from Messy Bo Peeps.

The Party

Now lets get to the actual party – thanks to Pinterest I got some amazing ideas and it turned out a huge success. Brooklyn absolutely loved it, it was definitely a birthday she won’t forget.

For the table, I put out Doritos 3D chips (labeled “Dinosaur Teeth”), green juice (“Dino Juice”), normal Doritos (“Dinosaur Spikes”), giant speckled eggs (“Dinosaur Eggs”) and green marshmallows on green paper straws (“Dino Mallows”). All the printable labels are included below. I decorated the table with fake leaves to add to the greenery of the theme. Around the table and in the house I had green balloons, a green party banner and a big dinosaur balloon. The cute silver galvanised tubs are from West Pack.

The Cake

For the cake, I had absolutely no time to bake anything so we opted for a mini chocolate mousse cake which we bought. We then used crushed oreos to make gravel and put a dinosaur figurine on top. We placed it on a 3 tier cake stand and filled the remaining 2 tiers with Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts. For these I made round labels stuck on toothpicks which can also be used on cupcakes. (Printable link below)

For food, we ordered a few large pizzas and put out dinosaur themed paper plates – much easier to clean up.

Brooklyn had a blast! The smile on her face says it all.

I hope you got a few ideas if you are planning a dinosaur theme.

*Dinosaur Image link: dinosaur clipart PNG Designed By 588ku from