Valentines Day 2021 – Ideas for enjoying the day with your kids and the evening with your partner


I am a bit of a romantic so I enjoy making Valentines Day special – not by splurging on fancy gifts but through creating lasting memories. Valentines day falls on a Sunday this year which means my kids will be home with us to enjoy this day and I really want to make it special for them as well.

I have been looking at some ideas and have decided to spend the day with our girls, making it special for them while also planning (with the help of my husband of course) a memorable evening for us to enjoy when the girls go to bed.

Ideas for Valentines Day activities with the kids

Below are a few ideas for spending Valentines Day with your kids – we will choose and incorporate a few of these:

1. Make Valentines Day themed chocolate marshmallows


What you need:

  • White marshmallows
  • White chocolate
  • Red, pink and white sprinkles
  • Heart shape gum sweets
  • Sticks

2. Set up a Valentines Day themed ice cream station


What you need:

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Sugar cones
  • Valentines themed toppings such as cherries, strawberries, heart shaped sweets, mini marshmallows, red / pink sprinkles, turkish delights, etc.

Set up the ingredients in different bowls with scoops and decorate the table to make it an exciting experience. Let your kids have fun creating their own ice creams.

3. Picnic in the garden


Pack a picnic basket, throw out a red blanket and enjoy a picnic outside. Include a few Valentines Day themed items like heart shaped chocolate, strawberries, red juice, cupcakes etc. You can also put up a few helium filled red and white balloons.

4. High tea


I was lucky enough to inherit a real vintage tea set with little golden spoons and forks. I have been waiting for an opportunity to put these to use and Valentines Day seems like a good opportunity.

Set a table with tea cups and cake forks and fill the table with a few finger snacks like little sandwiches, scones with cheese and jam, mini cakes, sausage rolls, fruit etc. Make it look pretty by adding a few props like pearls and flowers.

5. Make heart shaped egg in a basket for breakfast


Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut a heart into the bread. Place a few heart cutouts on the table to add to the Valentines Day vibe.

6. Valentines Day scavenger hunt


Hide a basket of Valentines Day chocolates, sweets and a teddy in a set location and hide the clue cards. Play Party Plan has free printable clue cards but you can also write out your own. Your child can follow the clues until it finally leads them to their Valentines surprise.

7. Write them a love letter


I bought personalised journals for my girls with their names on. I bought these to write to my girls whenever there is something on my mind that I want to tell them. They are both still very young so I plan on giving these to them when they are 18. For Valentines Day I will write them a love letter in their book every year and border it with red hearts.

If you don’t have a journal, you can just write them a letter. I feel that a handwritten letter is the best and will be a sentimental gift for them to treasure throughout the years.

8. Make mini heart shaped pizzas


Set up a small pizza station in the kitchen with heart shaped dough, cheese and any other toppings you want to add like ham, cherry tomatoes, pineapple etc. Let your kids enjoy putting their own toppings on and bake it in the oven.

9. Make heart shaped french toast for Breakfast


Make heart-shaped french toast for breakfast and put out some strawberries, nutella, syrup, whipped cream and cinnamon sugar for your kids to choose their own toppings.

10. Make a Valentines Day craft


Pinterest has some amazing ideas for valentines themed crafts to make with your kids. The Toilet Roll Love Bugs pictured above are from Red Ted Art. Another idea is Valentines Day themed experiments. You can have a look at my Christmas Experiments post and just use red food colouring to stick to the valentines theme.

Ideas for Valentines Day activities with your partner

Obviously a movie night with popcorn is always nice but I was looking for something different and more special. Below are a few ideas for a nice date night at home when your kids go to bed:

1. Picnic in the lounge


Set up a picnic in the lounge with a carpet / blanket, some scatter cushions, dim the lights or light some candles and put a few nice finger snacks on serving boards. You can get a variety of fancy cheeses, crackers, fruit and wine or some finger pastries. Make it special by throwing a few heart shaped cutouts on the floor.

2. Cook a meal together and enjoy it by candlelight

Decide on a nice dinner recipe, buy all the fresh ingredients and cook the meal together. There are a few companies that offer meal kits with a recipe and all the ingredients such as UCOOK, Harvest Box and Woolworths. Another idea is making a big heart shaped pizza together. Set a fancy dinner table with candles and wine. Add a few strawberries and heart shaped chocolates on the table.

3. Paint & wine night


Have a couples paint & wine night at home. Throw an old table cloth / sheet over the table, put out some wine and snacks and set up the paint stations. A good idea I came across is paint by numbers, especially for the non-artistic people like myself. I found a few amazing free printables on Creative in Chicago, Deco Art and My Paint Lab – click on the hyperlinks to take you directly to the download pages.

This idea could spark up some good conversation & laughter!

4. Wine, cheese & chocolate tasting


Set up a wine, cheese & chocolate tasting table. A coffee & chocolate tasting table would work just as well. Decorate the table with candles, roses and red hearts. Kendall Jackson has a few good pairings on their page.

5. Have a game night


Make some popcorn & hot chocolate, set up a nice table or blanket in the living room and pull out the games. Light a few candles to set the Valentines day mood. There are an endless amount of games you can play – Jenga, Monopoly, UNO, Poker, Twister, Scrabble, Guitar Hero, build a puzzle, etc. You can also play some of the Minute to Win it games using objects around the house – One Good Thing has a few good ideas. This is sure to spark some laughter and fun!

6. Camp night at home


Build a fort in the lounge, lay out a blanket and light a few candles or hang fairy lights. You can make “camp” snacks like kebabs and smores and have some wine or hot chocolate with marshmallows. If you are setting it up in your TV room you can set it up to face the TV and watch a movie together.

You can also set it up outside in your garden, light a fire, roast marshmallows, make hot chocolate, play some relaxing music and enjoy stargazing.

Make the most of your time together

Enjoy the day with your kids and still make time to enjoy the evening with your partner. Valentines day shouldn’t be about expensive gifts and lavish gestures but should be about spending time with the ones you love making memories.